Legal-Ease: Who pays what closing costs

Spring is often the busiest times for home sales and closings. As you go into your home sale, it’s good to know what is customary regarding the closing costs.

Federal law requires that the buyer of the home receive an estimate on closing costs (if they’re borrowing money for the purchase of the home) several days in advance of the closing.

Legal-Ease: How do I buy a new-to-me house?

Interested in buying a new home but not sure where to begin? Lee recommends that you start by talking to local banks and credit unions. Once you have an idea of your budget, consider more seriously looking into local real estate. Or you can consider hiring a real estate agent if you don’t want to investigate local homes on your own.

Legal-Ease: Mothers make good executors

The job of an executor is to transfer ownership of property of a deceased person, and often the good work ethic and leadership that comes from motherhood makes mothers excellent executors of wills. Executors are tasked with identifying property at time of death, interpret the will to decide who will get what property, transfer the ownership of property and confirm that they’ve done the transfer of property to the best of their ability.

Legal-Ease: Good Judges are smart, impartial, pragmatic and patient in analysis

Judges aren’t only in charge of making important decisions, they also play a role in helping people and their attorneys navigate their ways through the judicial system. Attorney Lee R. Schroeder thinks that the most important characteristic of a great judge is intelligence, but also important in choosing a great judge are impartiality, patience and more.