Legal-Ease: How closely are we related?

If you die without a will in the state of Ohio, consanguinity can help determine who has the rights to your property. Consanguinity is the practice of identifying how closely two people are related. It’s also known as finding next of kin.

Legal-Ease: Looking at land contracts

The financial crisis of the last several years has left many people with less than stellar credit. While we have quite a few flexible, community-based lenders in our area, the newest rules and regulations regarding lending may tie their hands and may prevent potential loans from being workable. Therefore sometimes potential buyers of homes cannot secure the proper financing in order to purchase a home. This is when a land contract may be a good solution for the home buyers and sellers.

Legal-Ease: Can I just prepare legal documents online?

In almost every situation, the “non-legal, legal” services that are offered online are generic and vague. Also, these online forms can hurt your business and financial objectives because they don’t take your specific needs into consideration.

Legal-Ease: Flags and Independence Day

We’re right in the middle of the time of year when flags are often prominently displayed on homes throughout Ohio. While many people feel a surge of patriotism surrounding July 4 and other summer holidays, in the 1980s and 1990s flag burning and flag desecration became an issue that was frequently brought in front of the courts.