Legal-Ease: Formal and informal loans and repayment

Sometimes people seek money lending through methods other than the traditional bank, credit union or professional financial business. Some people use payday lenders and vehicle title holding loans, which have persisted through attempts at increased regulation on the state and local level. People may also find themselves in a situation where they are forced to reach out to friends and family for loans.

Legal-Ease: I lost a loved one; now what?

The first step to saying goodbye to a family member involves taking your time to suitably grieve and be together with family and friends. One of the practicalities following a loved one passing away is hiring an attorney to help sort through and change ownership of assets.

Legal-Ease: Long documents a tradition that protect clients

Historically, meaningless words were added to legal documents to puff them up. It is now a cliché that attorneys prepare very long documents, even with all of the extra fluff removed. Legal documents are lengthy because short and simple contracts can leave clients unprotected and work against their interests.

Legal-Ease: Value of LLC documents beyond state filings

An LLC can be a straightforward way for a group of people to collectively benefit from certain legal protections. Filing with the state of Ohio can be done without an attorney and is not complicated. But many specific instances are not covered by the basics, and must be established in a document called an “operating agreement.

Legal-Ease: Representing clients accused of bad things

People have a constitutional right to an attorney, and if they can’t afford an attorney, the government will pay for a lawyer for them. Everyone has a right to be defended, and this helps us know that we are only punishing people whom we know to be guilty. Some are criticizing Hillary Clinton for defending a man in 1975 who was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl, but he was provided the right to an attorney as part of the constitution. This guaranteed right to an attorney is an important piece of our society that allows it to function.