Legal-Ease: Can I trust my trust?

Trusts must be prepared by attorneys as they’re legal documents. While many trusts are created by local attorneys, others are created by attorneys from outside of our area who offered a “free steak dinner” to discuss the protection of the client’s assets. The generic statements of “safety” and “protection” that were often mentioned in relation to the preparation of trusts for the last several decades are often misunderstood.

Legal-Ease: Class action lawsuits

While class action lawsuits are generally not very common, they get a lot of attention in the media because these lawsuits often affect a large number of people.

For northwest Ohio, the most active class action lawsuit right now is a case that involves farmers filing lawsuits against a company called Syngenta.

For a judge to certify a regular lawsuit as a class action lawsuit, seven very technical requirements must be proven.

Legal-Ease: Speed limits near schools

Ever wonder when a motorist must drive less than 20 mph near schools? It’s murky in the state of Ohio when it comes to school speed limit laws.

Regardless of where the sign is located, if a motorist is within 300 feet of a school, the speed limit is 20 mph during restricted hours. Restricted hours are defined as the time during which “school recess and while children are going to or leaving school during the opening and closing hours.”

Legal-Ease: Lawsuits often involve work after the case is closed

Lawsuits between people or businesses are referred to as “civil” lawsuits. Civil lawsuits normally include two requests from the plaintiff. First, the plaintiff wants the court to determine that the defendant made a mistake. Second, the plaintiff wants the court to define what the defendant owes the plaintiff to fix the harm caused.