Legal-Ease: Do I need a tax/employer identification number?

Similar to social security numbers, the government needs to be able to identify various businesses and relationships, largely because of tax implications. Therefore, when a new business is started, it’s common to secure a tax/employer identification number, which is the non-human being equivalent to an SSN. 

Commonly these numbers are referred to as EINs, employer identification numbers. The IRS requires that most businesses with more than one owner have an EIN. 

Legal-Ease: Why Probate Court takes 6 months after a death

The probate process isn’t necessarily the fastest process of asset distribution, mainly because the focus of probate is to ensure fairness and communication. Family members can become impatient with probate administration. Regardless, estate administration through probate usually takes at least six months. 

Legal-Ease: Avoid being unintended partners

A partnership can be created by circumstances that don’t include an actual written agreement. People can become unintended partners, and then they can also be personally liable for damages resulting from their partner’s activity. 

Legal-Ease: Four items of legal maintenance

When it comes to legal maintenance for our lives, Lee suggests checking in on four broad categories. 

First, he suggests making sure everyone has advanced directives in place, including powers of attorney. Second, he suggests making sure that an up to date will is in place. Third, he suggests making sure it will be easy for surviving friends and family to get the assets that are promised to them. Finally, he suggests checking into any liability concerns.