Legal-Ease: Questions on legal ethics

Some actions taken by attorneys may some disingenuous or contrary to the idea of ethics, but several less-known rules governing attorney behavior can sometimes help to explain their behavior.

Legal-ease: Is my bracket pool legal?

Filling out a bracket for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is an activity done by millions of people across the country. But rules outlining what constitutes ‘gambling’ may make your tournament bracket pool illegal. Before your bracket gets busted this year, you should be aware of the laws affecting it.

Legal-Ease: do I need a survey?

Transferring ownership of land can be time consuming, costly and complicated. While surveying in the early days of our country was done with less precision than today, the various uses of a piece of property might still necessitate that a new survey be conducted.

Legal-Ease: New manure laws imminent

After last year’s toxic algae bloom in Lake Erie brought public attention to the issue of farm runoff, farmers and their practices are under a higher level of scrutiny. Already passed in the Ohio Senate, new proposed legislation could change how farmers in northwest Ohio can apply manure.

Legal-Ease: How long will it take

A number of factors play into how long a client’s legal work will take, and how much it will end up costing them. The attention to detail required in legal documents, the myriad of tasks an attorney must perform, getting approval and submitting filings can all play a factor in how long your case can take.