Legal-Ease column: “Easements are tricky”

Despite being teased for sometimes using big or unfamiliar words, attorneys tend to universally use the common word “tricky” when describing easements.  An easement is a right for one property owner to use someone else’s property without taking away ownership from the that other owner. For example, I may own a woods that is located […]

Legal-Ease column: “Condos, PUDs and homeowner associations differ by what’s owned versus shared”

Traditionally, people own houses with adjoining yards, driveway, garages and other outbuildings.   The person owns that property without neighbors or anyone else dictating the use, look and layout of the property, except for local governments who enforce zoning and public safety laws. However, some people feel that the value of everyone’s homes can be increased […]

Legal-Ease column: “Judges: thankless umpires”

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts headlined last week’s news as he presided over President Trump’s impeachment trial. Justice Roberts explained his role as being that of an umpire in a baseball game, calling balls and strikes. Nevertheless, some people disagreed with whether Justice Roberts should only be calling balls and strikes and other […]

Legal-Ease column: “Powers of attorney and their effectiveness”

If someone is unable or unwilling to make decisions, the only way that someone else can make their decisions is if that other person has been empowered to do so by a local probate court or through a written power of attorney signed by the person giving the authority (the principal). Court appointment of people […]

Legal-Ease: Misleading or just puffery?

Puffery is the term used to describe the vague statements and opinions found in advertisements. These statements include ambiguous claims regarding certain products being better than others and often include expressions of opinions as opposed to facts. The issue of puffery arises pretty often, especially at this time of year as retailers are vying for our holiday gift dollars.

Legal-Ease: How to prepare for a legal career

School is about to start again in just a few short weeks, and many students will be deciding what they’d like their future to look like soon. Some students may consider joining the legal field, but that doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a lawyer. Some positions outside of being an attorney are legal assistants, clerks and paralegals.