Legal-Ease: Negligence and liability

Negligence and liability are terms that we hear all the time. In most real-world legal situations, such as where damage to property occurs, liability may not solely fall onto one party. Negligent behavior helps us figure out who is liable, so what if both parties have been acting with negligence to varying degrees? Situations can become complex.

Legal-Ease: Vets, surviving spouses should investigate VA pension

To some, government programs that are intended to help veterans can seem more like obstacles. The VA pension may significantly help veterans and their spouses, but there are four fundamental requirements. The application process is a bit lengthy, but local attorneys and Veterans’ Service Offices in each county can help.

Legal-Ease: Learning about public records

Public records are often discussed in our society; public records are the records kept by any public office. The general public can review the records kept by the state, county, city, village, townships as well as school districts.

There are certain records that aren’t considered public records, though. Medical records are generally not considered to be public records. Businesses that apply for tax abatements based upon their technology are offered privacy for their technology’s character and description. Home addresses for public employees who may face retribution as part of their jobs are generally afforded the ability to keep their addresses secret. Other instances exist where records are not considered to be public.

Legal-Ease: Ohio’s dog laws have real bite

Dogs are ubiquitous in northwest Ohio, and every dog needs a license. Dog kennels must also be licensed. These fees are collected not to be a moneymaker for the state, but rather for the administration of the dog registration and protection process.

Ohio law requires that every dog is supervised and controlled by its owner or the person who is responsible for the dog’s conduct. Additional duties are placed on the owner if the dog falls into the category of nuisance dog, dangerous dog or vicious dog based upon its past behavior.