Legal-Ease column: “Document signatures and social distancing”

Ohio passed new legislation that allowed for certain people to notarize people’s signatures, even when that notary public is not physically present with the signer.  The new “remote notary” law requires expensive classes, extra tests and pricey software.  However, “remote/electronic” notaries have the ability to notarize signatures on documents even when the documents are signed […]

Legal-Ease: Power of promises, legally speaking

Promises are an area of law that can sometimes be foggy. Contracts are a form of promises, and typically legally binding. However, some promises are made hastily and without any legal oversight, making them less likely to hold up in court. In general, it’s a good idea to get a written note and have a lawyer look it over before considering a contract legal.

Legal-Ease: What is a ‘notary’?

A notary public typically does two things on every document they sign: Add their signature after the person signing the document, and after one of the major paragraphs. There are two types of major paragraphs, a jurat paragraph and an acknowledgment paragraph.