Legal-Ease: Considering ‘blue laws’ on Easter

In the earliest days of our country, ‘blue laws’ were those generally designed to promote religion, such as outlawing most work on Sundays. These laws have been debated, changed, struck down and upheld since America’s founding.

Legal-ease: Is my bracket pool legal?

Filling out a bracket for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is an activity done by millions of people across the country. But rules outlining what constitutes ‘gambling’ may make your tournament bracket pool illegal. Before your bracket gets busted this year, you should be aware of the laws affecting it.

Legal-Ease: Is scalping event tickets legal?

The term scalping refers to the original practice of selling counterfeit tickets. Now, scalping just means selling any tickets individually instead of through a service. While some states allow scalping, many have rules and restrictions dictating what can be done with tickets.