Legal-Ease: Numbers, numbers and business numbers

Similar to today’s technology requiring the memorization of a lot of different numbers and passwords, businesses also require an array of numbers and passcodes. 

As part of the filing of an LLC, the Secretary of State assigns a document number to identify the actual, filed articles. The Secretary of State also assigns a business its charter number, which helps identify the organization. And usually following an entity’s establishment, a business will get an employer/tax identification number, also called an EIN. 

Legal-Ease: Three pillars of nursing home planning

Long-term health care, LTC, can have a lot of uncertainty around its planning. Horror stories abound of people losing their life savings due to needing LTC, such as a nursing home. 

Many aspects should be considered when planning for long-term health care, but three pillars compose the foundation. Each should be used at least five years in advance of needing LTC. 

Legal-Ease: Breaking up can be hard to do

Many people inherit real estate and other assets with siblings or other people. Co-owners of real estate have access to all of the property, unless the co-owners have an agreement for another arrangement. If one co-owner doesn’t want to co-own the property, a partition lawsuit can be initiated.