Schroeder Title LLC

Schroeder Title, LLC logoSchroeder Title LLC, provides title and real estate services for Putnam and the surrounding counties. Schroeder Title LLC is a full services provider of comprehensive closing services to individuals, local realtors, lenders and mortgage brokers. Through its affiliation with First American Title Insurance Schroeder Title LLC handles all title insurance, title examination and closing needs.

Tell your Bank or Realtor TODAY that you want to use Schroeder Title LLC’s services! You have the say and if you don’t speak up the decision will be made for you.

Schroeder Title LLC can provide the following services:

Closings: Our closings services take all the guess work out of the transaction and our agents will review documents, explain documents, and work with you to execute all appropriate documents. Our closing agents will handle the disbursement of proceeds and loan payoffs, then after all documentation is executed we will facilitate the recording of all documents to complete the transaction.

Document and Deed Preparation: Through our relationship with Schroeder Law LLC we are able to offer complete document preparation services. Such services include but are not limited too real estate purchase agreements, deeds, affidavits and land contracts.

Title Insurance: We are able to provide Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance, Lender’s Policy of Title Insurance, Title Guarantee, Preliminary and Final Judicial Reports and any Endorsements that are required.

If you wish to use Schroeder Title LLC’s services please give us a call or let your realtor, lender, or mortgage broker know.

Email: Schroeder Title