Legal-Ease: ‘Good as new’ real estate documents and files

When it comes to real estate and its history of ownership, there’s no such thing as “new” documents. So the best that can be done with real estate documents and files is “good as new.” So the best we can do is file updated documents. 

Attorneys use multiple tools to try to clean up real estate documents and files. 

Legal-Ease: Rules for golf carts on streets

Recently, golf carts have become more popular on our city and village streets in Ohio. Operation of golf carts on Ohio streets are subject to unique rules. 

Under-speed vehicles like golf carts can use public Ohio roads in certain circumstances, depending upon the location, the condition of the golf cart and the golf cart’s registration. 

Legal-Ease: Change in dower law would change Ohio life

Ohio is on the brink of joining 33 other states that have abolished the doctrine of dower. Traditionally, married women were not allowed to own property separately from their husbands. So all real estate owned by the family was controlled by and titled in the name of the husband. 

The need for dower in today’s society has passed, and abolishing it will simplify the law and save Ohioans significant time and money. 

Legal-Ease: Analyzing estate planning documents together and separately

Everyone should evaluate their estate plans in two different ways: All documents should be read and analyzed both together and separately. 

It’s important to know that estate planning documents will get the job done both together and separately, which is why it’s important to analyze them through several different lenses.