Legal-Ease: Real and perceived police misconduct

Sometimes there are simply bad law enforcers, and other times citizens misunderstand the law. Sometimes laws themselves are wrong. These are the three main reasons why a law enforcement act can either be inappropriate or perceived to be inappropriate.

Nobody wants to be treated inappropriately as governments fight crime. As a result, law enforcement is always under the microscope.

There are three main reasons why a simple law enforcement act can be inappropriate or perceived to be inappropriate.

Legal-Ease: Grain bins no longer taxable as real estate

Ohio traditionally taxed tangible personal property, which most often affected businesses that used expensive machinery and equipment. After a few changes in the law, the question came up whether grain bins are more like doors and windows, which are taxed as part of real estate, or light fixtures, which are not taxed as real estate.

Legal-Ease: Slow moving vehicle emblems

At this time of year in northwest Ohio, we can expect an increase in farm traffic. Slow Moving Vehicle emblems, or SMVs for short, are the most common identifiers for pieces of farm machinery. The SMV is a red-orange fluorescent triangle, and it was invented in 1961 by Ohio State Engineer Kenneth A. Harkness.

Legal-Ease: Normal wear and tear on rentals

Many people are aware of the term “normal wear and tear,” but it can be murky defining what exactly normal wear and tear can be.

Normal wear and tear refers to normal use by the tenant that means that certain items, such as carpet, will wear, and that other items, such as latches and door handles, will break from normal use.