Legal-Ease: Federal and state courts

Our legal system is made up of many different courts, in which different decisions are made and different cases are heard. Each federal district court and circuit court has its own requirements for attorney admission, including fees, tests and references.

Legal-Ease: Mothers-in-law are mothers, too

Legal disputes between in-laws are unfortunate, but can occur – and if the dispute makes it all the way to the courthouse, odds are that there will ultimately be no winners. But making end-of-life care and other important life decisions in writing now can make things smoother later in life.

Legal-Ease: Judge or jury?

Depending on the charges being argued, court cases are either determined in front of a judge or a jury. While people accused of crimes against society are nearly always entitled to a jury trial, not all decisions are made by juries – judges have a lot of leeway in determining what evidence can be admitted, the interpretation of written documents, and other important decisions.