Legal-Ease: Structuring a small-business purchase

Typically, there are two ways small businesses are bought and sold. A “sale of entity” is when the whole business is sold together, while a “sale of the assets” is when the owner sells all the components of the business without including the overall entity or its liabilities.

Legal-Ease: How people acquire real estate without money

You may have seen late-night infomercials that mention tricks to obtain property with little or no money. Ohio law provides for an upfront method of acquiring real estate without money or any “secret deals” or other tools mentioned in these late-night television offerings.

Legal-Ease: How to prepare for a legal career

School is about to start again in just a few short weeks, and many students will be deciding what they’d like their future to look like soon. Some students may consider joining the legal field, but that doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a lawyer. Some positions outside of being an attorney are legal assistants, clerks and paralegals.