Legal-Ease: Unmarried people without wills

Ohio law provides rules for people who die without wills. These rules are referred to as the “statute of descent and distribution.” The rules for the distribution process for people without wills is completely different depending upon the marital status of the deceased. If someone dies without a will, even if they’re in a serious relationship or engaged, the significant other will get nothing under Ohio law.

Legal-Ease: Buying and selling houses

If you’ve bought or sold a home, you know that there’s a giant amount of paperwork involved in the transaction. In the years before the 2008-2010 mortgage crisis, many lenders were duped with fake identifies of buyers or fabricated financial statements. As a result, the amount of paperwork involved with buying and selling a home skyrocketed after the mortgage crisis.

Since the mortgage crisis, most home loan closings involve several identity checks, multiple confirmations of financial status and many other checks and balances to ensure that the deal is legitimate.

Legal-Ease: Establishing charities and non-profit corporations

Because some people try to create charities for their own personal gain, the process to create a charity in Ohio for which donations are tax deductible is lengthy and intricate.

Charities are most often organized with the Ohio Secretary of State as non-profit corporations. Ohio has a number of requirements for non-profit corporations, including that the organization must have three directors and that the organization must have an annual meeting for all members of the corporation.