Legal-Ease: Texts, trains and automobiles

Northwest Ohio regularly hosts plenty of trains, which many residents joke that they spend a large chunk of their time waiting on. Many people see the opportunity while waiting on train to pick up their phones and text or catch up on social media. In Ohio it’s illegal to text and drive, and this includes while waiting for a train.

Legal-Ease: Suing your own family for torts

Recent news of an aunt suing her nephew for a large sum of money because an assertive hug at his birthday party resulted in a broken wrist upset many people. But when the woman’s attorneys explained she wasn’t suing her nephew expecting the money, but rather was suing so that his insurance company would pay her medical bills, people became even more confused.

Legal-Ease: Fairness in family business succession

Many residents in Northwest Ohio are small business owners, and often these small business owners want to pass their businesses on to their children. But passing on a family business to offspring can present a number of challenges.