Legal-Ease: Do I need a new will?

While Lee recommends that people hire licensed attorneys to help with wills and to advise whether or not they should be updated, there are four major considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether a will should be updated. 

Legal-Ease: Longer lives and special needs trusts

For many people, it can be a struggle when the need for long-term care arises later in life. Medicaid is often the tool used to avoid having to pay out-of-pocket for long-term care. But to be eligible for Medicaid, a person must be almost completely impoverished. 

There are several tools available to shield assets so that an individual can become Medicaid eligible. The tools normally involve an individual giving up either all ownership, partial ownership or control of assets. 

Legal-Ease: Citizen’s arrests lawful with conditions

Citizen’s arrests can happen lawfully, but only in certain situations. Citizen’s arrests usually only arise in a few different situations. Many people accused of kidnapping claim citizen’s arrest to defend themselves against the allegation. Sometimes employees detain people for theft of items at a store where they’re working. And finally, in some real estate disputes, people will attempt to detain others for unlawful presence on property. 

Legal-Ease: Enforceability of promises and gifts

Gifts and the law have a long history together. Some promises are actually enforceable against the person making the promise. To be enforceable, a promise must either include some reciprocal promise or be reasonably relied upon by the receiver in a way that causes harm or damage to the receiver. The multiple conditions that are […]

Legal-Ease: How significant is the error in this document?

Simple, unintentional errors like writing the wrong date are common in documents. Fortunately, the law provides some ways to ignore or correct unintentional errors in important documents. 

Errors in documents are typically characterized as either substantive or non-substantive. Non-substantive errors in documents make a document inaccurate, but wouldn’t change what the document does when corrected. Substantive errors in documents literally alter what a document does.