Legal-Ease: Four planning frameworks

A good lawyer’s advice is important for good outcomes in life, business and death. There are four primary frameworks to begin to prepare for life changes. 

First, identify the special financial gifts you want to give upon your death. Second, percentages can be used to distribute assets. Third, specific assets can be earmarked for certain people. Finally, many people will mix and match the frameworks, so good organization is key. 

Legal-Ease: Caring for adult children with special needs

When children with intellectual and developmental disabilities become adults, unique challenges can present themselves.

If the adult with a disability is mentally competent as a matter of law, he or she may be able to sign powers of attorney that name family and friends as agents. If the adult is not legally competent mentally to sign powers of attorney, parents or other members of the family should undertake a formal guardianship proceeding.

Legal-Ease: Eviction steps for residential property

Residential properties have many rules to govern the relationship between the tenant and the landlord. Laws have been put into place to ensure that tenants are properly protected. Many of the protections concern what provisions can or cannot be included within a lease. 

Legal-Ease: Earning, keeping and expanding trust

Trust is the basic foundation of human interaction. Lee is regularly asked by landlord clients what type of person they should seek as their property managers and tenants. His answer is always the same: trust. 

Our legal system is set up to create or at least maintain trust so that business and commerce can operate. Trust is also guaranteed to be kept throughout durations of business transactions through the use of legal documentation.