Legal-Ease: How is the use of my property limited?

Limitations to the use of property fall into four, broad categories: neighbors, zoning, development and contracts. 

First, we owe our neighbors certain duties. Second, many parts of Ohio are zoned. Third, development restrictions are similar to neighbor-respect restrictions. Finally, prior owners or we ourselves may have agreed to restrictions on the use of our property. 

Legal-Ease: What to do when my parent is losing mental capacities

It’s difficult to watch parents lose their mental strength. Often, the loss of capacity to make decisions happens over time rather than overnight. Many parents will have good days and bad days. 

A good day is an opportunity to have a loved one sign powers of attorney if that paperwork isn’t already in place. 

Legal-Ease: Spring cleaning and trash fires

As spring cleaning is upon us, many in our region will want to burn combustible trash outside. In the state of Ohio, no burning is allowed between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. in the months of March, April, May, October and November unless the fire is in a plowed field. These months of the year are particularly dangerous for outdoor fires. 

Ohio has a number of laws in place for burning outside, and municipalities and counties often regulate fires as well. 

Legal-Ease: Will Lake Erie sue you?

The residents of the city of Toledo voted that Lake Erie and its watershed, which includes Allen County and any county adjacent to Allen County, can sue any business or government that causes harm to Lake Erie or fails to undertake protective action of Lake Erie. This law is largely symbolic designed to show that Toledo wants less pollution in Lake Erie and is not likely to be enforced. 

If LEBOR were to actually be enforced, it could immediately affect all businesses in northwest Ohio.