Legal-Ease: Cyber theft, legal rights and what to do

Many people shop online, especially during the holiday season. Most people who have shopped online have either experienced themselves or have heard of a family member or a friend falling victim to identity theft. 

Legal rights concerning online activity are typically no different than legal rights in general. But when it comes to online theft of either our identities or money, it’s very difficult to determine who was involved in the theft. 

Legal-Ease: How are my life systems?

Similar to how many people have mechanics regularly check their vehicles to make sure everything is working properly, people should regularly check their own life systems. Like mechanics, attorneys are qualified to help ensure these life systems are in place. First, be sure to have a guardian lined up for minor children in the event […]

West Central Ohio Land Conservancy discuss easement benefits

Lee recently had the opportunity to discuss issues regarding farmland preservation as the keynote speaker during the West Central Ohio Conservancy 13th annual meeting. 

The West Central Ohio Land Conservancy is a non-profit, volunteer organization that helps land owners preserve and protect their land. 

Legal-Ease: Some attorney wordiness is good

Attorney wordiness has a long history based on fact. Scriveners, predecessors to what attorneys are today, were paid by the word. They would sometimes make up words to pad their pay, and we call those unnecessary additions “legalese” today. 

While it may seem unnecessary to have so many words in legal documents, often longer words and more words are necessary to properly protect people. 

Legal-Ease: Asset protection from nursing home costs

Protecting assets from nursing home costs isn’t an easy process.

There is insurance for long-term healthcare, and Ohio law allows a way to almost double the value of long-term care insurance. 

Some life insurance can also be used as a tool to pay for nursing home care.

But most people will need to keep in consideration becoming eligible for “institutional Medicaid.”