Legal-Ease: Protection against fraudulent transfers

A few days before the attack in Orlando, the terrorist sold his house for a family member for only $10. He apparently knew there would be major financial assertions made against his estate, so he attempted to give away much of his assets. However, this house sale is considered to be a fraudulent transfer.

Legal-Ease: Representing clients accused of bad things

People have a constitutional right to an attorney, and if they can’t afford an attorney, the government will pay for a lawyer for them. Everyone has a right to be defended, and this helps us know that we are only punishing people whom we know to be guilty. Some are criticizing Hillary Clinton for defending a man in 1975 who was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl, but he was provided the right to an attorney as part of the constitution. This guaranteed right to an attorney is an important piece of our society that allows it to function.

Legal-Ease: Extra insurance or LLC? Both

While it may seem logical to get more insurance rather than establishing an LLC, it’s clearly improper once someone understands the true purpose of a limited liability company. Most businesses should have both good liability insurance as well as a complementary business structure to go with the insurance. It’s best to think of an LLC as being insurance beyond traditional insurance. LLCs offer protection in the worst situations when traditional insurance would cover only part or none of the damage.