Legal-Ease: Practical estate planning considerations

While not all of us will have millions to give away upon our death, confusion and discrepancies can arise during the settling of an estate, now matter how substantial its resources. To avoid many of these painful disputes, I recommend a number of practical tips for planning the settling of your estate.

Legal-Ease: Copies or originals

A common question is whether an original is needed or if a copy will suffice for legal needs. Documents that are actually signed are considered to be the originals, and reproduced representations of the originals are referred to as copies. Generally in Ohio, a copy of a document is considered to be as good as the original.

Legal-Ease: Basic snow and ice law

Since we live in northwest Ohio, snow and ice are very much an expected part of our winters. Snow removal is in order, and the act of salting roadways and removing snow from the surfaces is a “government function.” A lot of rules exist surrounding snow and ice.

Legal-Ease: Valuing a business

While there are many ways to value a business, three approaches to business valuation are commonly used. The “asset approach,” the “income approach” and the “market approach” are the three most common approaches when it comes to business valuation.

So You’re Ready for Transition, a presentation by Lee R. Schroeder

Join Lee Monday, February 23 at the Robert Fulton Ag Center, 8770 St. Rt. 108, Wauseon Lee will be presenting as part of the Fulton County OSU Extension “Young Farmers Series.” Agenda for the evening: Getting your financial affairs in order Eric Richer, OSU Extension Educator, Fulton County Organizational structure and strategies…and Tangible asset transfer […]