Legal-Ease: Where exactly is my property line?

While it would seem that real estate should be objective, sometimes it can be subjective or inconsistent. Boundary lines should be easy to measure, but as recently as even a century ago, property descriptions used trees and other items to explain where a property line was. 

Legal-Ease: Saving money and natural resources

Over the last few decades, conservation of our natural resources has become more popular. Even the most cynical people are beginning to accept that human activity is having at least some impact on the planet. 

The government program over the last few decades that most encouraged natural resource conservation in rural areas has been the Conservation Reserve Program. The CRP is administered by the USDA. 

Land enrolled in CRP or similar government programs results in government payments in exchange for landowners agreeing to not commercial farm or develop specific land. 

Legal-Ease: Ownership, liability are not the same

It may seem difficult to decide what a business should own versus what should be owned personally. Ownership and liability can be confusing at times. For instance, if a truck is used by a contractor while doing construction work but also used to pick up children from daycare, should that truck be owned by the business or the individual?