Legal-Ease: Business protection of customer information

Nefarious people around the world seek out our personal information to steal identities, unlawfully take our money, assets and reputations. The struggle is even harder for business owners. 

Cyber criminals will often try to hack into the customer database of a single business to secure multiple people’s information at the same time. 

The question for small businesses is often how much protection the business owes its customers from data theft. 

Legal-Ease: Handicap parking, buildings under the ADA

The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act was a major milestone to help protect people with disabilities. The law created requirements for handicap accessibility at businesses that provide goods and services. 

The most recent updates to the ADA regulations were created in 2010 by the U.S. Department of Justice. The ADA has shown that it’s valuable to all Americans, those with disabilities and otherwise. 

Legal-Ease: Proper use of a trust

Trust are like the new exercise wrist watch that Lee recently purchased; while it can perform many tasks, he’s likely to only use the watch for the right tasks, and the same can be said for trusts. 

Many people have trusts that include tools that are being underutilized, and the trusts may also be used for tasks that would be best handled independently of the trust. 

The biggest recognized benefit of a trust is the ability to have assets distributed to heirs without being administered through probate.