Legal-Ease: Misperceptions of attorney attitudes

Lawyers are often given a bad reputation from portrayals on television or in movies. Lawyer jokes frequently fly in social situations, and this week Lee would like to help dispel the bad rap that attorneys often get.

Law is structured to be a very personal practice, which is why many law firms are named after attorneys who started the practice. Clients should know which attorneys are working for them, and law firms in Ohio are required to use at least one of the attorneys’ names in the name of the law firm.

Legal-Ease: Structuring your farmland lease

Farming is increasingly a risky venture, but farmland leases can provide great opportunity for both farmers and landlords. Traditionally farmers have the option of cash rent or crop-share when it comes to farmland lease arrangements. Hybrid leases have become more popular in northwest Ohio in the past few years as well. Plenty of choices exist in structuring farmland leases today, and it’s important to choose the right option for your situation.