Legal-Ease: Should I worry about my sibling being executor for my parents?

The concern regarding a sibling being executor of a parent’s will generally arises in multi-children families. Sometimes families get concerned that one sibling as executor might rewrite the will in order to benefit themselves more. 

Being an executor is designed to be an administrative task, which means that the executor of a will has little to no discretion. The role of the executor is to simply carry out the task of asset distribution on behalf of the deceased. 

Legal-Ease: Mothers make good executors

The job of an executor is to transfer ownership of property of a deceased person, and often the good work ethic and leadership that comes from motherhood makes mothers excellent executors of wills. Executors are tasked with identifying property at time of death, interpret the will to decide who will get what property, transfer the ownership of property and confirm that they’ve done the transfer of property to the best of their ability.