Legal-Ease: Components of a good farmland lease

Many landlords and tenants could benefit from better farmland leases. Sometimes, the seemingly simple act of defining each party may be more complex than one assumes.

More complicated agreements such as “hybrid leases,” which contain elements of cash rent and crop-share, rely on formulating payments based on yield and crop prices. Other basic items such as lease duration or payment schedule could create pitfalls if both parties have not clearly established them. A good farmland lease will address these concerns, among others.

Legal-Ease: CDLs and farmers

A CDL is required to operate many motor vehicles in the state of Ohio. Buses, trucks, semi-tractors, dump tracks and more require that the driver have a CDL. But the requirement to have a CDL excepts farmers in some situations. The way in which the farmer uses the vehicle is what defines whether it would be excepted from Ohio’s CDL requirements. There are five requirements for a farmer in place by the state of Ohio that would except the farmer from the CDL requirement under the farming exception.