Legal-Ease: Courts won’t decide internal church issues

The legal system has a very limited relationship when it comes to religious organizations, especially when it comes to their internal processes. For “connective” churches, courts will generally not decide disputes regarding local church government, order, discipline, membership or authority.

Legal-Ease: Drone laws are unclear

Drones are becoming much more pervasive in our society, as both the public and private sectors find more and more uses for the aircraft. But legal restrictions on their use are still trying to catch up with drones, and lawmakers and citizens alike are often unclear on the legal (and public safety) ramifications of their use.

Legal-Ease: Recording conversations without permission

Personal security is a hot button issue in today’s always-online, constantly-monitored society. One area people should be aware of is the recording of conversations.

In general, the federal and Ohio law says that any person who is part of a conversation can record it. Public conversations can also be recorded by those not in the conversation.