Legal-Ease: What are all these numbers on my real estate tax bill?

There are four major pieces of Ohio real estate taxes that can help clarify the numbers on a real estate tax bill. Real estate tax calculations are like a long algebraic equation. 

First, each parcel of land is appraised. Second, the value for agricultural parcels will have its values adjusted each year. Third, the value is multiplied by 35 percent. Finally, there are certain credits that decrease the final tax bill on some parcels. 

Legal-Ease: Real estate taxes and breaks

Whether or not you use or make money on real estate, you pay taxes on that real estate every year. Ohio has been taxing real estate based upon the value of the real estate since the year 1825. Government entities, churches and charities often do not have to pay real estate taxes. There are four main ways that businesses and people can get a bit of relief from real estate taxes.