Legal-Ease: Bicycle travel in Ohio

Spring and summer boast weather that is much more conducive to bicycling. It’s a good time to get a refresher on the laws surrounding their use, whether you plan on using them for transportation or will just be sharing the road with cyclers.

Legal-Ease: Farm machinery, roads and inconsistent laws

Ohio law governs vehicles on roadways, including farm machinery. Yet this equipment holds a special place in the law, seeing as many pieces of machinery are larger than normal vehicles and can occupy more space in or across lanes. To understand the liability factors at play, you need examine how the different vehicle laws interact.

Legal-Ease: Slow moving vehicle emblems

At this time of year in northwest Ohio, we can expect an increase in farm traffic. Slow Moving Vehicle emblems, or SMVs for short, are the most common identifiers for pieces of farm machinery. The SMV is a red-orange fluorescent triangle, and it was invented in 1961 by Ohio State Engineer Kenneth A. Harkness.