Legal-Ease: Becoming and remaining business partners

Adding owners to a business venture will almost always require considerations beyond just legal ownership. A variety of “non-legal” issues may include time allocation, value of each individual’s work and other relationships.

It is important to evaluate these considerations and effectively work the “non-legal” aspects into the business documents. This includes updating an entity’s operational requirements, adopting a new resolution, updating bills of sale and more.

Legal-Ease: New manure laws start June 21

A new law will go into affect in a few months that will necessitate that most farmers monitor the weather before spreading manure. While several applications and farming operations are exempt from the ruling, farmers in northwest and west central Ohio will be under more specific requirements when it comes to spreading manure.

Legal-Ease: Small business needs team of advisers

Every entrepreneur should consider working with five crucial partners: an attorney, an accountant, an insurance agent, a lender and a financial adviser. Good attorneys will work with small business owners to help them minimize liability, and some attorneys limit their practices to this area of the law. Entrepreneurs should find members of their advisory team that are smart, passionate, focused, willing and qualified to serve their respective roles.