Legal-Ease: Hiring attorney often a value-added proposition

When you hire an attorney, you’re hiring someone to not only follow your advice, but also someone who will think, analyze and advise to help ensure that the best possible decisions are being made for you. In addition to following your wishes, your attorney will be exercising his own professional judgments.

Legal-Ease: Share a well, share a headache

For many, building a home is a dream come true. But many don’t realize some potential hidden costs of building. When building outside a city, one of these costs is drilling a well. Some homebuilders choose to save money by tapping into a neighbor’s well.

Legal-Ease: Should my farm lease be in writing?

Crop yields in recent years have made farmland leases a necessity for a responsible farmer. While these leases should be in writing, some states (including Ohio) accept verbal leases.

When a lease isn’t in writing and on record at the county courthouse, people other than the tenant and landlord may not be required to honor the lease.

There is also an Ohio law that requires any farmland leases longer than three years to be notarized and recorded at the county courthouse.