Legal-Ease: Suing your own family for torts

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Recent news of an aunt suing her nephew for a large sum of money because an assertive hug at his birthday party resulted in a broken wrist upset many people. But when the woman’s attorneys explained she wasn’t suing her nephew expecting the money, but rather was suing so that his insurance company would pay her medical bills, people became even more confused.

Many people wondered why the aunt couldn’t sue the nephew’s insurance company directly; she couldn’t sue the insurance company directly because of tort law.

Recent news included a story about an aunt who sued her nephew for an extra assertive hug that broke the aunt’s wrist.

When the aunt faced the media’s public shame for suing her 12-year-old nephew, the aunt’s attorneys explained that the purpose of the lawsuit was not to recover any money from the nephew. Rather, the aunt sued the nephew in order to get the nephew’s insurance company to pay for the aunt’s medical bills.

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Source:, “Legal-Ease: Suing your own family for torts,” by Lee R. Schroeder, October 17, 2015

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