Legal-Ease: Representing clients accused of bad things

Lee R. Schroeder is an Ohio licensed attorney with Schroeder Law LLC in Ottawa. He limits his practice to business, real estate, estate planning and agriculture issues in northwest Ohio. He can be reached at or at (419) 523-5523. This article is not intended to serve as legal advice, and specific advice should be sought from the licensed attorney of your choice based upon the specific facts and circumstances that you face.

People have a constitutional right to an attorney, and if they can’t afford an attorney, the government will pay for a lawyer for them. Everyone has a right to be defended, and this helps us know that we are only punishing people whom we know to be guilty. Some are criticizing Hillary Clinton for defending a man in 1975 who was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl, but he was provided the right to an attorney as part of the constitution. This guaranteed right to an attorney is an important piece of our society that allows it to function.

This year’s political season seems to be particularly negative, including people’s perceptions of the presidential race. As the frequency and magnitude of insults between and among candidates escalates, we are often forced to watch every aspect of those fights play out on television and the internet, even though I do my best to avoid it. Admittedly, there are probably plenty of justified complaints concerning almost every candidate.

Nonetheless, there is one criticism that has no room in our political discourse. Regardless of political leaning, the one criticism that is definitely improper is criticism of Hillary Clinton’s 1975 defense of a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. It is indisputable that, even if the accused man was guilty, he deserved a responsible legal defense.

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Source:, “Legal-Ease: Representing clients accused of bad things,” by Lee R. Schroeder, June 18, 2016

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