Legal-Ease: Vets, surviving spouses should investigate VA pension

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To some, government programs that are intended to help veterans can seem more like obstacles. The VA pension can significantly help veterans and their spouses, but there are four fundamental requirements. The application process is a bit lengthy, but local attorneys and Veterans’ Service Offices in each county can help.

Financial survival in today’s society is more challenging than ever. The struggles are even more pronounced for my clients who are veterans or spouses of veterans. My veteran clients and their families sacrificed at least part of their happiness to allow each of us to pursue our happiness.

There are many government programs that can benefit veterans. Unfortunately, prior mismanagement of some of those programs has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many veterans, leading them to simply disregard the possibility of help because of actual and perceived roadblocks in “the system.”

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Source:,  Legal-Ease: Vets, surviving spouses should investigate VA pension by Lee R. Schroeder, September 17, 2016


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