Celina Mutual Insurance Company and the University of Findlay

For Immediate Release
Findlay, Ohio

May 5, 2015 – Last spring, an accidental application of herbicide killed much of the grass on the lawns on the University of Findlay’s campus.

As soon as the problem was discovered, Mr. Brad Martin dba USA Lawn and Landscaping (collectively “the company”) took immediate steps to fix the problem. The company worked with the University to remove the dead grass and to replace the ruined lawns with both sod and seed. Throughout this process, the company moved quickly and worked effectively with the University, including promptly paying a large sum of money to facilitate immediate replacement of the lawns. The University appreciates the cooperation and the speed with which the company acted to help resolve this problem. The University of Findlay has previously chosen not to mention the company’s name because of the professional manner in which the company responded to the mistake.

Celina Mutual Insurance Company is the insurer for the company. Celina sold the company an insurance policy that included an endorsement for “Pesticide or Herbicide Applicator Coverage.” Despite selling this coverage, Celina has denied the claim for the damage to the University’s grass. Because of Celina’s denial of coverage, the University has been forced to file a lawsuit in order to recover from Celina Insurance the rest of the money required to repair the University grounds. This lawsuit could have been avoided if Celina had acknowledged coverage under the insurance policy it sold to the company. Though the University is pleased with the work, payments, and professionalism of the company, the filing of this suit is an unfortunate but necessary step in the process of recovering money from Celina Insurance to make the University whole.

In light of the pending litigation, the University of Findlay and the company will have no further comment.

The company’s counsel is Attorney Lee R. Schroeder of Ottawa (419) 523-5523.

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