Legal-Ease: What can I expect with a new livestock building?

Lee R. Schroeder is an Ohio licensed attorney with Schroeder Law LLC in Ottawa. He limits his practice to business, real estate, estate planning and agriculture issues in northwest Ohio. He can be reached at or at (419) 523-5523. This article is not intended to serve as legal advice, and specific advice should be sought from the licensed attorney of your choice based upon the specific facts and circumstances that you face.

When upgrading their farms, many farmers choose to do the work themselves. Although this may save them money, they often face unexpected challenges as a result. One of these challenges is permits.

As with any major building project, you must get the proper construction and zoning permits. The Ohio Department of Agriculture requires different permits for building and operating a livestock farm as well, and which one you need depends on the type and amount of livestock you plan to have.

Livestock production, particularly pork production, in northwest Ohio is increasing at a dramatic rate. Because of the cashflow and fertilizer benefits, I usually encourage my farm clients to at least explore the possibility of livestock production.

Farmers are usually fiercely independent, do-it-themselves types. As a result, farmers who construct new livestock buildings are likely to undertake one or more of the various construction tasks on their own. Because farmers may be replacing general contractors, excavators, carpenters or concrete professionals on any given construction project, unanticipated challenges can and usually do arise along the way. Permits sometimes present the biggest unanticipated headaches.

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Source:, Legal-Ease: What can I expect with a new livestock building? by Lee R. Schroeder, January 24, 2015

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