Legal-Ease: Planning helps Christmas blessings come true

Lee R. Schroeder is an Ohio licensed attorney at Schroeder Law LLC in Putnam County. He limits his practice to business, real estate, estate planning and agriculture issues in northwest Ohio. He can be reached at or at 419-659-2058. This article is not intended to serve as legal advice, and specific advice should be sought from the licensed attorney of your choice based upon the specific facts and circumstances that you face.

Many times our luck and fortune are directly related to preparation, and often that preparation includes legal preparation. Good planning rarely comes from a form found online, but rather through working directly with an attorney.

Attorneys can help accomplish goals, protect assets and minimize the devastation caused by long-term nursing home care. Good preparation can help protect assets for heirs as well as limit liability in business and avoid potential future disputes.

The holiday season tends to remind us of our blessings. When we count our blessings, we often include certain actions or events that were fortuitous if only because they worked out for us.

For example, we might consider how “lucky” we were that a certain business deal was successful or that the hospital could quickly find our healthcare power of attorney after an accident, which meant that a loved one could decide our medical treatment rather than the hospital itself. Likewise, we may consider how fortunate we are that we had just enough money to survive the unforeseen, large financial setback that we experienced earlier in the year. We might even thank God for the unanticipated inheritance we received after a loved one passed away.

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Source:, “Legal-Ease: Planning helps Christmas blessings come true,” by Lee R. Schroeder, December 24, 2016

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