Legal-Ease: Close enough, legally speaking

In some instances, “close enough” is legally sufficient, especially since perfection is not possible in every aspect of business or life.

A good example of this is with real estate documents that are several decades old. Names that sound the same but are spelled differently can sometimes considered to be the same.

My two-year-old niece has learned how to introduce herself. She is proud to approach anyone, point to her chest and announce, “I’m Ellen.” Sometimes, to tease her, I ask her if her name is Tom or Bob. She is relentlessly unoffended as she shakes her head no and says, “Ellen.”

The thing is, my niece’s name is Helen. In this context, Ellen is close enough to Helen. Believe it or not, “close enough” is legally sufficient in some instances, especially because perfection is not possible in every aspect of business or life.

Read more about how “close enough” can be legally sufficient at times in Lee’s article in the Lima News here: Legal-Ease: Close enough, legally speaking

Source:, “Legal-Ease: Close enough, legally speaking,” by Lee R. Schroeder, December 29, 2018

Lee R. Schroeder is an Ohio licensed attorney at Schroeder Law LLC in Putnam County. He limits his practice to business, real estate, estate planning and agriculture issues in northwest Ohio. He can be reached at or at 419-659-2058. This article is not intended to serve as legal advice, and specific advice should be sought from the licensed attorney of your choice based upon the specific facts and circumstances that you face.

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