Legal-Ease: Perfect tender, when a Pepsi is a Coke

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In the legal world, the use of a brand name sometimes can include non-brand name substitutes.

In 1921, New York’s top court clarified a law that has been adopted nationwide regarding a brand name being used to describe an entire line of products. In the case, the court ruled that some contracts and agreements should be interpreted practically and not always necessarily literally.

Summer holiday weekends almost always include food and drinks, including soft drinks. If we were celebrating in many parts of the country and wanted a soft drink, regardless of specific type, we would ask for a Coke. For those people, the brand name “Coke” includes all soft drinks, even if they are Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper or Pepsi.

Similarly, I am usually indifferent between Puffs facial tissues and Kleenex facial tissues. Nonetheless, I usually call them all Kleenexes. Likewise, when I was National Vice President of the FFA, I quickly learned that farmers in large parts of the United States tend to call all of the lawnmower-like weed chopping equipment attached to tractors “bush hogs,” which is the name of only one manufacturer of the several who make that type of equipment.

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Source:, “Legal-Ease: Perfect tender, when a Pepsi is a Coke,” by Lee R. Schroeder, July 2, 2016

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