Legal-Ease: When are fireworks lawful?

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As we approach the July 4th holiday, some may be wondering if it’s legal for residents to possess and discharge fireworks. Traditional fireworks are technically considered to be “1.4g fireworks.” Only people who are licensed with the state of Ohio may possess 1.4g fireworks for more than 48 hours. The fireworks license is also required to discharge 1.4g fireworks.

Independence Day later this week will likely be marked by cookouts, gatherings of family and friends and other outdoor activities. Many communities have firework displays at various times during the holiday weekend, too. At the same time or after, some of our neighbors will also discharge fireworks. What is lawful and what is unlawful when it comes to fireworks?

Fireworks are generally classified into one of two categories. Traditional fireworks, such as firecrackers, aerial shells and bottle rockets, are technically considered “1.4g fireworks.” Smaller items, such as booby traps, cigarette loads, party poppers, snakes or glow worms, smoke devices and trick matches are considered “consumer fireworks.”

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Source:, “Legal-Ease: When are fireworks lawful?” by Lee R. Schroeder, June 27, 2015

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