Legal-Ease: House in the country is no walk in the park

Many people in our area dream of buying land and building a new house in the country. But many people don’t realize how difficult it actually is to make this dream a reality.

First, you need to find a landowner willing to sell land for a house. It needs to be confirmed that the acreage from the lot can legally be divided.

Next the buyer needs to purchase a soil analysis. Then the contractor may increase the minimum of the acreage needed depending upon the layout and design of the home and its placement.

More complicated steps are involved in building a house in the country.

A common dream for people in our area is to build a brand-new house in the country. Bringing this dream to a reality is much more difficult than most people think. The following items comprise a typical checklist just to create a new building lot.

Once a willing buyer finds a landowner willing to sell something less than an entire farm field, an initial minimum acreage for that county and township must be identified. At the same time, it is necessary to determine whether the acreage from which the lot is to be removed can actually be legally subdivided, based upon the local planning commission rules and the property’s historical parcel splits.

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