Legal-Ease: Water and sewer service for your new house

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When building a new home, water and sewer services are pretty important pieces to have in place early. If the land you choose to build your home on is adjacent to public water and public sanitary sewer lines, some of the initial hurdles are already out of the way. If the land is not near water and sewer service lines, a water source needs to be found, such as a well or a pond. The biggest hurdle, however, is sanitary service. There are strict regulations surrounding sanitary sewer systems, and it’s up to local health departments to fill in the regulations’ gaps.

Springtime makes me happy. Beautiful weather drives me and many of us to dream. Often, the dreams of people in our region are for new houses.

To build a new house, someone first needs land upon which to build. If land is adjacent to public water and public sanitary sewer lines (often within municipalities, but not necessarily), some initial challenges are already behind the home builder. In such circumstances, there will almost always be “tap” fees charged by the utility providers allow access to each water or sewer line. In most cases, if the service line is near a residence, the law requires the residence to connect to that line.

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Source:, “Legal-Ease: Water and sewer service for your new house,” by Lee R. Schroeder, May 14, 2016

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