Legal-Ease: Fighting fair with the law

When a couple fights, they’re encouraged to fight fair. Meaning, only topics related to the current discussion should be brought up in the context of a fight. The same words can be used in the context of legal arguments and negotiations. 

There are three frequent situations in civil legal disputes where parties may not fight fair. 

Legal-Ease: Lawsuits often involve work after the case is closed

Lawsuits between people or businesses are referred to as “civil” lawsuits. Civil lawsuits normally include two requests from the plaintiff. First, the plaintiff wants the court to determine that the defendant made a mistake. Second, the plaintiff wants the court to define what the defendant owes the plaintiff to fix the harm caused.

Legal-Ease: Whom should I sue, and for what?

Although anyone can technically sue anybody else for any reason, it’s a complicated process that should be thought over extensively before undertaking. There are several different types of lawsuits involving both individuals and companies, and knowing what to expect from each can be beneficial for all parties involved.