West Central Ohio Land Conservancy discuss easement benefits

Lee recently had the opportunity to discuss issues regarding farmland preservation as the keynote speaker during the West Central Ohio Conservancy 13th annual meeting. 

The West Central Ohio Land Conservancy is a non-profit, volunteer organization that helps land owners preserve and protect their land. 

Legal-Ease: Different states, different laws

It should be apparent to anyone who travels or follows the news that different states have different laws. Participants in a transaction or contract can actually outline which state’s law will apply to disputes that arise over their agreement.

Legal-Ease: Bicycle travel in Ohio

Spring and summer boast weather that is much more conducive to bicycling. It’s a good time to get a refresher on the laws surrounding their use, whether you plan on using them for transportation or will just be sharing the road with cyclers.

Legal-Ease: Valuing components of co-owned property

Sometimes we can find ourselves co-owning property with one or more co-owners wanting to be bought out. Even if we are in the process of converting ownership of the co-owned property into assets owned by an LLC, it becomes important to value the property and each person’s portion.